I was browsing a rather old garage complex near my mom’s block of flats one day. And this is the treasure I’ve found. My personal fave is the one with with a dancing figure. Tree boy is pretty cool too.


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

That’s both hilarious and cruel.

I was at the local clothes shop one day and I had a nice conversation with the shop owner. She showed me a lot of different stuff and I decided to buy a broken faux pearl necklace with some pearls missing (she gave me some small beads and chains for crafts too as a gift). So I decided to remake it the way I like it instead of repairing it (I still have some big beads left). I’m quite happy with the way it turned out to be.

Drawn kitties in my city.  I like stumbling upon stuff like this. They really are cute.

I bought a plush toy making kit today and I ended up altering the initial design. Sad panda is saaaaad. Oh dear. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed making plushies.

Some hilarious and beautiful pics I took during one of my casual trips around the city.

I made the unicorn/horse plush union happen. With 2 Puccas fangirling around.

Violin clef jewelry set by mosquitone

Finished it. I’m going to polish it a tiny bit. Can’t wait to wear it.

Here are some photos I took near the university I used to study at. My friend and I met there and we went exploring. We had a great day together hanging out and talking about our everyday stuff.

I’m planning to make a brooch out of this thing. It used to be a dark gold tone scrunchie. I cut it off and painted it with nail polishes.

Troides aeacus (Golden Birdwing) by mosquitone

I had a wonderful day today.

Dragonfly bracelet by mosquitone

Here’s something I’ve been working on lately.  As you can see it’s a bracelet and some painted metal fittings I’m going to turn into pendants and charms.



Never knew it was a thing.


Tooth fairy cellphone charm by mosquitone